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It Is Easier to Accept the Lies, Than Seek the Truth!  
I am a firm believer in Metaphysics.  When I first came to Sedona in 1992 it really was a wonderful and magical place and still is, if you look beyond the façade  This land has been held scared by the tribes for thousands of years. No one discovered it, it has always here. The gifted ones used their gifts with the highest integrity. The stores were few, but honest, they did not jump on you as soon as you walked through the door with the special of the day. A vision quest is not something that is bought, it is something you do alone. You can not buy a shamanic journey, it just happens. A physic can not foretell your future, only you can decide which path you will walk down. Someone who throws a plastic tarp over some straw bales and calls it a traditional sweat lodge is not what you are looking for, leave sweat lodges to native peoples.  You will never truly connect with the source by having someone else do it for you. You have to look deep within yourself to find the answers. These crystals are
here to maybe touch your heart, to hug your soul and possibly connect you to your DNA.
This is up to you.

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